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We Shall Not Die Now -  Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Co Composed by Michael Frankenberger and Ashton Gleckman. Main Theme by Benjamin Wallfisch)
Echo Of Silence - for 4 Marimbas (Commissioned by Dialoge Festival by Stiftung Mozarteum and Brucknerhaus for the Waves Quartet - Premiere at Dialoge Festival Salzburg)
In Silentio:  (Solo Album)  
1. On The First Day
                                                 2. Metamorphose
                                                 3. In Silentio
                                                 4. Atonement
                                                 5. Pour L´espoir
                                                 6. Sola in Mundo
                                                 7. Schattenspiel
                                                 8. Sileo
                                                 9. Unknown Destination
                                               10. Resurrection
Gracemarch (Pilot Episode) - Original Soundtrack
Salzburg - Brauchtum Im Herzen - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Rainy Season - Original Short Film Score
The Path of Steel - Original Soundtrack
More & Now -
Original Soundtrack
Dream Big 2 - I Can Almost Taste it: Released by Extreme Music/Bleeding Fingers Custom Music
Breaking News 2 -
Anchor Management: Released by Extreme Music/Bleeding Fingers Custom Music
Wild Planet - (6 Tracks) - Released by Atom Music Audio

Eine neue Ära - 100 Jahre Republik Österreich - for symphonic wind orchestra (Dedicated to the Symphonic Wind Orchestra Salzburg) 
Ein Viertel Der Welt
- Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
                                            1. Ein Viertel der Welt
                                            2. Looking Back
                                            3. Hope & Peace
                                            4. Who Am I?
                                            5. Remember
                                            6. Forgiveness
                                            7. A New Journey
Tense String Rhythms: - Gothic Storm Music Album
                                            1. Historical Tension
                                            2. Chasing the Tension
Spiegelbilder -
Original Short film Score
Legacy - Original Short Film Score
- Original Short Film Score
Hommage - for Piano Solo
Left Behind - Original Short Film Score
Offworld - 
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Orchestral Horrorscapes - Gothic Storm Music Album
                                             1. Blood of the Beast
                                             2. Dark Fear
                                             3. Darkening Dreams
                                             4. Falling Apart
                                             5. Fears From Hell
                                             6. Frozen Hell
                                             7. Threatening Silence

Absolute Compromise - 
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Impulsive Love - 
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Jerkwater Town
- Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
The Joker - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Domine Jesu Christe - for SATB choir
Tales - for symphonic orchestra
The Joker - Original trailer music
Das Blut der Bestie - Official trailer music
Smooth - Jazz quartet
rOOms - for Piano, Vibraphone and Synthesizer
One Fine Day - happy music
Simply Happy - happy music
Streak of Luck - happy music
Fear it - additional horror music for "The Chaser" (Videogame)
3-3-2 - for symphonic orchestra
Idepic - for symphonic orchestra
Ritmo Essential - Jazz quartet - tango
Amselsprung - for Flute

20!6 Signation - for Brass Ensemble
Official signation of the Salzburg anniversary 2016.
20!6 - Signation was recorded on 23.02.2016 In the ORF Studio in Salzburg under the direction of Joseph Steinböck.
20!6 - for Brass Ensemble
20!6 was recorded on 23.02.2016 in the ORF Studio in Salzburg under the direction of Joseph Steinböck.

Gott zur Ehre, den Ministranten zur Freude, unserem Pfarrer zum Dank - for Accordion
R.I.P - for Percussion ensemble
Percussion Persecution - for Percussion ensebmle
Exultantis - for Accordion